Recognize the Function of the Middle Brain and Its Structure

The brain is an important organ that consists of a large amount of nerve tissue. From several hemispheres of the brain, it turns out that midbrain function is an important element that acts as a connection point between the main brain regions. Midbrain is also called mesencephalon, this brain is located in the brain stem that is between the forebrain (forebrain) and hindbrain (hindbrain). Functions and Structure of the Middle Brain Like the forebrain and hindbrain, the midbrain has a very important function. Among the main functions of the midbrain is to be part of the central nervous system which is closely related to the following things: Vision and hearing Passion Vigilance Temperature regulation Motor control, specifically eye and mouth movements Deliver sensory messages (such as heat, pain, and loudness). In its structure, the midbrain has three parts with different functions, including: Tectum The tectum is located above the midbrain which is composed of two p
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